Term & Condition

1. Incomplete form will be rejected. At the time of Admission each student shall submit four passport size photographs, bold self attested Xerox copy of Aadhaar Card and Xerox copy of the Marks Sheet of class X or XII optional as per number. The student shall authorize the institute to use his or her photograph for publicity.

2. A student who is enrolled with the institute is expected to be regular in attendance and to put in consistent hard work. A student may be expelled for indiscipline or irregular attendance. The decision of institute management in this regard will be final and the student will be abided by this. No fee or part of the fee will be refunded in such cases as per code of conduct.

3. If any student is absent for more than 15 days without prior information, he/she may be deemed to be suspended from the institute. No separate intimation will be sent to the parents or student. No fee or part of the fee paid will be refunded in such case. Only medical issued will be considered prior information to provided.

4. Any change of address and mobile no. should be notified in writing to the office without delay. Application should be duly signed by guardian.

5. Student is not allowed to carry mobile phones/I-pad or any audible instrument in the class. If they carry it should be switched off.

6. The management of the GOAL Institute is not responsible for any lost/theft in the institute.

7. The management of the GOAL Institute reserves its right to make any alteration in its programmes/ fee/ venue of classes etc without any prior notice to anybody. The decision of the management will be final and binding the students and their parents

8. The management of GOAL Institute reserves the right to debate / reject the candidature of any student.

9. The teacher in class can be changed by GOAL Management without prior notice to students/guardian. No any claim can be entertained in this regard.

10. Student will not be provided the study material and bags second time if already given, will provided on additional cost.

11. Any legal issues will be finalized under jurisdiction of high court, Patna.

12. The decision of management will be final in case of any change of teacher in class. Students are not entitled to force for the same.

Schedule for fee payment

1. Post dated cheques in favour of the institute should be issued toward balance payment. Admission will be considered only after clearance of cheque in case of cheque payment

2. The payment of fee to be paid within time is the responsibility of the guardians and the students.

3. No payment of fee is considered valid without a proper receipt obtained from the office of GOAL Institute.

4. In case of admission against post dated cheque the guardians or student are responsible for the clearance of given cheque.

5. Fees, once paid, is refundable only under refund policy of GOAL. And as per the undertaking given by student/guardian.

6. If student/guardian fail to deposit the dues within frame of time then he/she may be stopped from attending the classes. However he/she maybe permitted to continue classes after depositing of dues amount.

7. Fees paid of one student cannot be transfer to another student.

Code of Conduct

1. The students are advised to maintain the decorum and dignity of the GOAL. Institute by not indulging in any activity which is in human or against of the law. If student found indulging in indiscipline behavior with the faculty/visiting faculty, batchmates or any other person either in of outside of the premises, the administration can punish according the nature of the offense.

2. No student is permitted to participate in any kind of agitation. They cannot form any group of association against the institute. If anybody found guilty of doing so, strict action can be taken including expulsion from the GOAL Institute.

3. No refund of partial or any amount will be considered.

4. Smoking, use of Alcohol/Chewing tobacco are strictly prohibited in the Goal Institute premises. A fine or expulsion from the GOAL Institute may be resulted in this case.

5. The management of GOAL. Institute reform the final right to take disciplinary action against the defender.

I-Card & Bag (Provided)

1. Students are requested to obtain their I-card from the office of GOAL. Institute.

2. Each student will be issued an identity card. The entry into the classes/Institute will be only through identity card and Goal Bag. If the identity of student is lost/Misplaced, a duplicate I-card can be obtained from the institute against payment of Rs. 100/-.  If any student is found misusing the I-card he/she will be rusticated from the institute.

3. They have to carry their I-card in institute premise on the day of any activities like Exam, function etc. Students are not permitted to participate in these activities without I-card.

Progress report/Assessment

1. GOAL Institute release students progress reports at regular intervals which is also available for the parents/guardian.

2. GOAL Institute expect the visit of guardians in institute at least thrice in a year to take report of the student’s performance.

3. The parent can meet institute mentors group by prior appointment for any suggestion or information regarding their ward’s progress or any other problem concerning to their ward.

4. If any student have serious medical problem then management should be informed regarding kind of medical problem in details at the time of admission. The same shall be provided on student personal Identity Card.

5. Student progress is based on his/her self study, interest towards study regular class attendance and participation in tests, seminar, meeting, revision class and all programs of Institute. GOAL Institute will only provide the teaching and important facilities. GOAL Institute will not be responsible for his progress but student will only be responsible. No refund application will be accepted in this regard.



I___________________S/o, D/o______________________-hereby declare that I have read all the rules, regulations and terms & conditions mentioned above. I promise to abide by these rules and follow every norms of the Institute. I hereby declare to receive all the message on the given mobile number by Goal Institute.

___________________                                                                                                                          ___________________-

Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                                                    Student’s Signature



(Corporate Office)

B-58, Goal Building, Buddha Colony, Patna, Bihar 800001




v  No refund will be made on the ground of verbal promise, verbal request on phone, email, fax etc.

v  Refund will be made only through written application on the prescribed               format available at Goal office.

v  The signature of Father/mother guardian (If parent not alive) is important on application to verify willingness for cancellation of admission.

v  The refund amount will be credited to the bank account of Father/Mother/Guardian only.

v  Student/Parent need to submit bank details, cancelled cheque and Xerox of Passbook (First page) along with refund application form.

v  Refund application should be submitted by Student/Parents along with Identity Card, Fee Receipt of Goal.

v  No refund of (GAET) Goal Admission Entrance Test will be made in any condition.

v  No refund against course of short term classes will be made under any circumstances. Short term course :- AITS, Score enhancer/ Spot test/Achiever/DPP.

v Refund before Commencement of Class:

If any student gets the admission in Courses other than short term before commencement of classes but apply for refund before commencement of class then the amount will be refunded to him/her after deducting registration fee, study material cost & GST amount.

v Refund after Commencement of Class:

Changes to be same at undertaking.

If any student gets admission in Courses other than short term and want refund within 10 days of commencement of classes then amount will be refunded to him/her after deducting registration fee, study material cost & GST, along with 25% of tuition fee.

v  The refundable amount will be 75% of tuition fee.

If any student gets admission in Courses other than short term and want refund within 15 days of commencement of classes then amount will be refunded to him/her after deducting 50% of total tuition fee along with GST.

v  If any student gets admission in Courses other than short term and want refund within 20 days of commencement of classes then amount will be refunded to him/her after deducting 75% of total course fee along with GST.

v  No amount of any course will be refunded after 20 days of commencement of course.

v  Any refund will be made through RTGS/Cheque/Online banking after 30th September or onwards No request can                 be entertained before said period.


v Refund in case of students gets admission after commencement of classs.

v If any student gets admission after commencement of classes, then refund policy will be based on his/her admission date. Refund will be made after counting the days from date of admission and refund amount will be based on within 10 days, within 15 days or within 20 days of admission. No refund will be made after 20 days of admission.

v Refund in case of student get selected in competition.

v All fee will be refunded after deducting GST only to the student, id gets admission in MBBS/IIT/NIT (Govt. Medical or Engineering colleges) No fee can be refunded in case of admission in private medical/Dental/Engg. Colleges or in any other stream except MBBS/Engg.

v  Xerox of call letter & Admission receipt of college is needed to refund against this criteria along with fee receipt and Application of Goal.

v Refund of Scholarship Amount.

v If student gets admission in institute before of board result and gets scholarship on board’s marks after result then the amount of Scholarship either will be adjusted in last installment or will be refunded through Cheque/RTGS/Net Banking.

v Scholarship amount will be refunded only in such case where student has paid full amount of course fee.

v Scholarship amount will be refunded after 30th September.

v Xerox of Board’s marks sheet and admit card is needed along with application to claim Scholarship amount.

v Fee refund policy will be based on commencement of courses, not on the ground of student’s attendance. Student medical health problem or any other problem related to student and parents. Although student has not attended even single classes yet the refund policy will be calculated through commencement of class.




(Corporate Office)

B-58, Goal Building, Buddha Colony, Patna, Bihar 800001





To                                                                                                                                                                           Date________

Managing Director,

GOAL Educational Services Pvt. Ltd



I_______________ Parent/Guardian of _____________________have read and accepted the Refund policy of the institute as specifically laid down in the Prospectus and understand as under:

No refund of taxes shall be made under any circumstances whatsoever.

No refund will be made under any circumstances after joining short term classroom courses (In Medical/Engineering/Pre-Foundation stream)

If my ward wants withdraw from the classes/Institute, than we will abide by given below policy.


No of Days



Before Start of Classes/Course


Within 10 Days


Within 15 Days


Within 20 Days


After 20 Days

Tuition Fee

Full Refund




No Refund

Stationary Fee & Books

No Refund

No Refund

No Refund

No Refund

No Refund

Test Fee

Full Refund

No Refund

No Refund

No Refund

No Refund

Infra Fee

Full Refund

No Refund

No Refund

No Refund

No Refund


No Refund

No Refund

No Refund

No Refund

No Refund


All refund cheques will be issued in the name of student/Parent’s name only as appearing on the Admission/Application.

For the purpose of calculation of Refund I understand that:

1. No telephonic or verbal request shall be entertained by                the institute for refund of fees or security deposit and I need to submit request by written application for refund of fees at the centre.

2. I will take a receipt of refund application from the front office and for refund calculation, the date of submission of refund application will be considered.

Further I, undertake not to dispute the Refund policy of GOAL Institute or raise any claims beyond the scope of such Refund policy.


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