Mr.Bipin Singh

The career of students has three steering forces : their own efforts and the efforts of their parents, teachers & experts. The GOAL Institute, which has empowered scores of students to aspire and achieve is the vision of Mr. Bipin Singh. He has led an inspirational life and is himself an academic of a rare repute. Now he plans to reach out to as many students as possible and spread the knowledge and experiences he has acquired through the years. He wishes to share his skills and the mantra for successful career building.

He believes that the first step towards approaching any competition is to rise and make a move towards one’s goal but with careful planning. He has directed and motivated thousands of students to follow the career path of their choice. These students have attained success in the most difficult exams of the country. Over 15000 students have received the benefit of his guidance directly and are successful doctors.

His nurturing has helped students pursuing other career paths also. His quality is to create a culture of hard-work and that helps students in sailing through competition. The difference between knowledge and competitive knowledge is that of direction. It is receiving the right kind of knowledge at the right time and place, bridges this gap. For the last 24 years he has dedicated his life to nurture young minds and providing direction to their efforts.

Dr. Mamta Singh

Even with multifarious career options available in the new age, the study of medical science and Engineering have not lost its charm. The investment in terms of years, and academic effort put it certainly comes to fruition and the candidates are rewarded abundantly. The social repute, One's contribution as well as monetary returns associated with this profession are tremendous and that is needless to reiterate.

Also, with the growing requirement of medical and engineering professionals in our country and research and development reaching a new high, the medical profession has become increasingly lucrative.

However, the number of seats in top medical school of the country is limited and that makes it one of the most competitive career options. But channeled efforts and adept guidance are a sure - shot route to success because they certainly makes a candidate stand out.

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